Kleiber Solo
Kleiber Solo

Our mission - providing patients with high-tech bionic prostheses at affordable prices Partial wrist prosthesis Kleiber Digits, forearm prostheses Kleiber Solo Basic and Kleiber Solo Premium

Kleiber Solo - multifunctional durable bionic prostheses upper limb

Anthropomorphic hand with independent drives of all fingers. The rotation module built-in inside the palm. Available version with increased efforts.

Five fingers

Allows you to grasp objects of complex shape


Prosthesis is faster* 50% compared to similar multi-grip bionics wrists with the same grasp force. Full grasp time - 0.5 sec

Digital EMG

Active electrodes process the signal inside each module, which significantly reduces the effect of electromagnetic interference

Wrist rotation

Rotator module for wrist pronation/supination is built-in inside and is already available in the Basic version


Premium version is 1.6 times stronger than Basic. Choose the optimal ratio of speed and power for your tasks

Pattern recognition

Unleash the potential of the prosthesis without auxiliary buttons using eight EMG electrodes

Wrist flexion/extension

Rotator module for wrist flexion/extension is built-in inside sleeve. Together with the rotation module allows you to rotate the brush in any direction


Prostheses are made on high-precision CNC machines. Each sample passes stress testing for strength

Custom gestures

Program the movements of the prosthesis for your tasks using the mobile application