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Kleiber Solo

Wrist/elbow prosthesis

For patient with varying degrees of elbow amputation


Built-in control system automatically positions the fingers for reliable grasp of objects of various shapes without the need to manually select the pattern for a particular action


Haptic feedback

Matrix tactile sensors based on metal nanopowders allow the prosthesis to feel external influences when capturing objects.

User feedback by transmitting to the selected area of the body receives a tactile feedback of the force exerted on the object.

Control of effort

Accurate gripping of brittle and easily deformable objects is provided by means of a system of sensitive tactile sensors


User-defined grasp pattern

If it is necessary to use specific gestures and motion patterns, the user can quickly adjust the new trajectories of the individual fingers by using a mobile application


600 gr

Grasp patterns

Tactile sensors
up to 14

Grasp force
150 N

Position precision
0.088 degree

Max mass of grasped object
4 kg

Weight of carrying bag
15 kg